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Complete Financial Support

(1)Full Exemption from Enrollment Fees and Tuition

All students enrolled in this program will be fully exempt from enrollment fees and tuition.
However, tuition exemption is limited to the standard length of study prescribed in the graduate school regulations.


Tuition 535,800 yen(1 year)
Entrance fee 282,000 yen

(2)Scholarships for Excellent Students

Excellent students will be awarded Scholarships aimed to support their research and education.
Scholarship payment shall be reviewed annually based on the “Takuetsu Graduate Program Guidelines on Educational and Research Grant Payment.”
Note that the Scholarship recipients are generally not allowed to engage in part-time work so that they can focus on their education and research.

  Scholarships for Nano-wise progtam [Reference]
Scholarships for Graduate School of Frontier Science Initiative
Master’s Course

maximum 120,000 per month
(Reviewed every year*)

* Actual results for 2020: 6 students receive 50,000 yen per month for the master’s program and 3 students receive 100,000 yen per month for the doctoral program.

50,000 per month
Doctoral Course 100,000 per month

(3)Research Assistant

Those employed as research assistants to aid with research projects conducted by the program leaders will be remunerated.
The RA salary of this program can be combined with a Scholarship.

(4)Assistance with Certain Travel Expenses

Expenses incurred while traveling overseas for such purposes as education and internships abroad will be partially covered within a certain range.
Furthermore, expenses incurred during travel for presenting research findings at international conferences are partially covered within a certain range.

*Changes may apply depending on budget status.